Our Story

It all started on a sunny Sunday in the Swiss Jura in July 2020. Anna and Adam, who were tired after climbing the Col des Pontins were relaxing and discussing their poor climbing performance. Then, shifting to a more positive subject, they started discussing ideas for the upcoming birthday of their good cyclist friend. A fanatic cyclist who already has all the cool cycling gear and jerseys. Maybe we can get him a T-shirt with a cool cycling design? After grabbing the phone and looking for our options, we couldn't find anything we liked. That was the initial spark of Rhea cycling!  We discussed how difficult it is to find cool cycling T-Shirts. We shared plenty of T-Shirt ideas. It was a crazy day! After extensive research and a lot of work, Rhea cycling was officially launched.

Rhea cycling values a better environment and a better world for all. We only use vegan, 100% Bio cotton for our clothing. We don't use any plastics for the packaging.

Additionally, we contribute one percent of our annual revenue to environmental causes and NGOs.

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